7 Top CRM Software List For 2020 - Boost Your Sale By Getting The Best One.

Top CRM Software list

Before I give you Top CRM Software List you have to Know What is CRM? CRM Software is an integral tool of any modern company around the world. CRM Software came into existence from the theory that retention of customers adds to more value to the company since it is cost-effective than acquiring new customers.

In this article, I will explain what is a CRM Software and give you a detailed report on the Top CRM Software list for 2020. Finally, I have written a brief history of CRM Software and also the advantages of CRM software for your insights.

There are several CRM software available in the market today, and it is an uphill task to decide on which CRM software to use or subscribe that is suitable. In our Top CRM Software list for 2020, I have explained in detail various types of CRM and, you can choose the best fit for your need.

What is CRM software?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The basic idea is to engage and nurture loyal customers to the company. So, the main objective is to have interactions with leads and existing customers to know more and present a personalized solution. These days every business operates through multiple platforms and, it is not possible to track and maintain all the interactions manually. Thus, CRM software became a need of the hour. CRM Softwares records all interactions, engagements with the customer also help us to evaluate the lifetime value of the customer.

Along with deciding on a robust CRM software, you must ensure your web server has enough resource to handle this extra integration. There several web host providers we have made a list of best hosting providers for 2020. In case you have many visitors for your website we recommend you to go through our list of top dedicated hosting plans for 2020

A brief history of CRM Software

CRM came into existence in the main-stream marketing only a few decades back. It used to exist in different forms. One of notable type of CRM was key account manager or, departments are the manufacturing industries. Large manufacturing industries would invest in maintaining a key account manager or a whole department for clients with a large volume of orders.

This manager or department ensures that the clients are appraised about the order updates or any previous transaction history anytime. This special allocation of resource ensures the clients are happy with the service and helps in getting more contracts and orders.

In recent decades, customer relationship gained prominence in the service sector, especially in the aviation industry with a reward system and in the banking sector with a personal wealth manager.

Advantages of CRM Softwares

  • Maintaining Record: CRM softwares not only store customer interaction but also, maintains records of suppliers, for recruitment, customer service, etc. Since maintaining record manually is a cumbersome task, the software records data automatically.
  • Access information anywhere: These days CRM softwares are cloud-based tools which store data on servers so that the information, is available from anywhere. Since it is more like a tool that captures any interaction, the data gets recorded in the servers, which you can access anytime.
  • Decide on nurturing valuable customers and leads: Since CRM softwares has all the records of interaction, the data can be analysed to nurture and engage the valuable customers of the firm. Values can be assigned to each type of engagement by the customer with the company and then retrieve an analytical report. You need not spend on customers that are not valuable.
  • Better and personalised engagements: Within the CRM softwares, you would be able to segment customers according to your needs. Then you run a marketing campaign with customised messages or emails to customers that will have a higher impact on user engagement. If you are looking for a dedicated email marketing software, we have made an exhaustive list of top 10 email marketing software platforms for 2020.
  • Ease of Use: CRM softwares are designed, in such a way that anybody would be able to use the software like any other apps that we currently use. The interface design ensures that you do not require any specialised knowledge or long course to understand the working.
  • Integration Support: One of the best advantages of CRM softwares is the ability to integrate with any given platform. These days with the CRM tools, API and webhook technology, you would be able to integrate with your website, mobile app, social media platforms, payment apps, etc. The integration with other platform ensures that every engagement with your customers recorded.
  • Pipeline Management and forecast: Every company needs to understand where they stand and then plan for the future and optimise workflow to achieve their goals.

In sales and marketing, the ability to predict is an advantage to make clear decisions and allocation of resources.

Top CRM Software list for 2020

I have analysed over 60 CRM softwares that are available in the market and then come up with this exhaustive report and recommendation. I have listed in detail the features and Pros of each CRM toll and also the pricing so that it is easy for you to compare and decide. 

Are you planning to start a blog? We have created a definitive guide on how to start a blog in 2020 which will give you detailed steps to follow to create a successful career as a blogger.

The next popular software on our top CRM software list for 2020 is Salesforce. Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms for companies that are aggressive sellers and also for customer service.

Features and pros of Salesforce CRM

  • Opportunity Management: You would be able to visualise your sales pipeline, quotes, products and other information required to monitor and optimise your sales deals by leveraging the software.
  • Lead Management: The software also helps you to filter leads with their value for the company. You can churn out the list with every possible filter required to invest your marketing dollars for the right customers.
  • Sales Data: In today’s business data drives revenue. With Salesforce, you can have all your sales data on the tip of your finger anytime. It is crucial to monitor your data so that you can allocate resources and other decision-makers according to need to optimise your sales and marketing productivity.
  • Mobile: Salesforce has come up with its mobile app, which will help you to move around with the sales office all the time. It also comes with the facility to auto-record sales calls made with the app and immediately updates in the servers.
  • Workflow and Approvals: One of the unique features of Salesforce is the workflow which you would be able to visualise and also seek approvals for special deals and discounts from higher management all documents with this CRM software.
  • Sales Forecasting: Salesforce can forecast your team’s future sales forecast with the previous performance and data. Forecasting will help the higher management to make decisions and also set targets for the teams that would improve their productivity.

Pricing of Salesforce

Salesforce provides a 30-day free trial to check the CRM software and limited access to features. One of the best software in our top CRM software list for 2020, especially for sales and customer service company requirements.

The paid plan starts with $25 per user per month and goes up to $325 with more features and unlimited sales per user per month.

I recommend Hubspot CRM as the best CRM software available in the market and hence ranked number one in our top CRM software list for 2020. First of all, it has a bundle of features to help business up to medium level and also offers a forever free plan. Let’s jump right into the features list.

Features and pros Hubspot CRM

  • CRM for multiple departments: HubSpot’s CRM tool can be, used in various departments of any company. This CRM tools can be, used by the sales team, marketing team, Customer service, operations managers, etc. Thus, making it a one-stop solution for most of the companies.
  • Contact Management: Every CRM offers to maintain a contact record of leads whereas, the Hubspot’s CRM helps in reducing the data entry process while creating a new prospect of the company.
  • Deal Stages: Every sale, marketing or operations undergo various stages. It is crucial to track the phase of any customers, especially in marketing, these phases can be assigned values to calculate the value of the customer and then have personal interaction for a successful sale.
  • Daily Dashboard: Your sales representatives or marketing executives would have a daily dashboard which gives them a list of tasks for the day already assigned and arranged so the day can be better-planned.
  • Task Management: Workflow is a key factor to be considered to increase efficiency. In sales, follow-up is the most important task. These tasks are automatically streamlined for the sales representatives so that they never miss out on the priority task.
  • Content Repository: HubSpot CRM also hosts space for content repository so that sales and marketing team need not search or navigate forth and back of different platforms to create, or send details to customers.

Pricing of HubSpot CRM

In our top CRM Software list, HubSpot is the most popular CRM software since they give a free forever plan which is suitable for newbies. The paid plans start from as low as $40 per month and vary according to the number of contacts.

The Marketing Hub starts at $40 per month with 1000 contacts and, the Enterprise plan starts at $3200 per month with more sophisticated tools.

The Sales Hub starts at $40 per month with two users getting access to the paid features and, unlimited users can access the free features. The Enterprise plan starts at $1200 per month.

In our top CRM software list for 2020, we rank Feshsales as third best CRM software. Freshsales, specially designed to cater to the needs of your sales team with better capabilities and features.

Features and pros of Freshsales CRM

  • Renaming modules: One of the peculiar features of CRM is the ability to rename the core functionalities of the CRM according to the nomenclature of the company. Every company. E.g. some companies call sales leads as customers, users, students, etc. 
  • Custom fields: You can create custom fields to capture more personalised data required to run your business. 
  • Multi-currency & multi-language: Freshsales CRM can help you run a single CRM platform across all teams around the world as it supports multi-currency and multilanguage that is uncommon with other CRM softwares. 
  • Webform: This CRM software enables you to create a webform using the tool. As the lead visits the webform, they are added automatically as a new user and, the user score and information fetched from social media along with their image. 
  • Inbuilt phone facility: Freshsales CRM has an inbuilt phone tool through which you can dial IP calls to leads. The inbuilt facility will help log call information automatically, and details into the CRM without the need for an external phone facility. 
  • Multi-channel engagement: You can engage with your prospects in multiple channels like Email, SMS and also live chat. 
  • FreshConnect and FreshDesk: These are other facilities available along with Freshsales. You can get an added ability to create and modify tickets to track internal work progress through FreshDesk. Using FreshConnect you would be able to add anyone from your organisation to the conversation.

Pricing of Freshsales CRM

Freshsales CRM is another platform in our top CRM software list for 2020 that offers a trial period to try the features. Freshsales CRM provides 21 days of trial registration without any credit card details.

The paid plans start from $12 per user per month to $79 per user per month. 

Freshsales also extends a free forever startup plan which includes the basic features of the CRM Software.

Next on our top CRM Software list for 2020 is Zoho CRM. Zoho is one of the popular CRM software solution providers in the world. They serve more than 150,000 business in more than 180 countries around the world. Top business houses like Amazon, Netflix, Ducati all are clients of Zoho CRM. Let me give you insights into the features and pros of this CRM software.

Features and pros of Zoho

  • Sales Automation: This CRM Software has capabilities extends from lead management, deal management, workflow automation, etc. With these capabilities, you would be able to optimise productivity by automating the manual tasks.
  • Track Customer journey: You would be able to track the customer journey from the time they are added to Zoho CRM. Information about customer journey would enable higher management to decide and optimise the journey, for better results.  
  • Process Management: Communicate a clear sales process to be followed by your team. You can define rules for the process and, even the offline sales process can be tracked if the sales representatives adhere to the rules framed by the company. Process management is very important as sales when conducted as a process you would be able to get a sustainable sales funnel.
  • Omnichannel approach: Zoho CRM has an inbuilt telephony feature and you would be able to connect with the service provider. You would able be able to engage with customers through email, social media and customer portals.
  • Analytics and Reporting: One of the key advantages of using CRM software is the ability to assign numerical values to the task and analyse performance mathematically. In Zoho CRM software, robust analytic tools are inbuilt that will give you insightful performance reports.
  • Performance management: The CRM also creates a gamification mode by awarding badges and trophies to a sales representative who reaches targets, which enhances the overall performance.

Pricing of Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM pricing

Zoho offers a free trial plan with limited capabilities of CRM and can be used only by very small business. The paid plans for this CRM start from $18 per user per month to the enterprise plan which starts from $45 per user per month. 

If you are planning to join Zoho for the long term you would be able to save up to 20% with the annual plans.

NextHunt is next on our list of top CRM software for 2020. NextHunt is on our list because of the robust user-interface and also the ability to sync with G-suite.

Features and Pros of Nexthunt CRM

  • Organised Customer data: Nexthunt is well known for its organisation of customer information. All customer data can be organised in the CRM and, also create custom data to be captured for the leads.
  • Lead Management: In NextHut, you will be able to filter our valuable leads, qualify them and then nurture them with marketing campaigns and then passed to the sales team to get optimised sales.
  • Multiple Pipeline: Most CRM offers a single sales pipeline or an option to customise a sales pipeline. In NextHunt you will be able to manage multiple sales pipeline. Particularly helpful to track sales of several products and requires a separate set of analytics to make decisions.
  • Gmail Sync: With NextHunt, you will be able to sync Gmail so every email conversation with your leads can be automatically updated, in the CRM software.
  • Analytics: NextHunt CRM stands out in our top CRM Software list for their analytics and also forecasting sales. This robust CRM software can analyse the previous sales history and the number of leads in the current sales journey to predict almost accurately the future sales numbers.  
  • Email Campaigns: Nexthut offers a robust email marketing campaign capability with customisable and personalised emails to increase lead engagement.
  • Collaboration: You can easily collaborate with colleagues and add them to the conversation by mentioning @ followed by their username.
  • One-click capture: in Nexthunt, any email querries sent to Gmail inbox can be added, to the CRM database with just one click.

Pricing of NextHunt CRM

NextHut provides a 14-day trial period to finalise if you would like to take up the paid plans of the CRM software.

The paid plans start from $30 per person per month which is called the Professional plan and goes up to $60 per month per person for the enterprise plan of the NextHunt CRM software.

Next on our list of top CRM Softwares for 2020 is Nimble. A perfect solution for a mediumsized business to get robust CRM Capability. Nimber can synchronise and work with office 365 and G-Suite which are most probable softwares already used by medium-sized companies.

Features and Pros of Nimble CRM

  • Unify contact data: Since Nimble works syncs with more 160 regularly used apps including social media apps. The CRM builts the contact details by itself by pulling data from various platforms. 
  • Segmentation of Customers: Customers can be easily segmented and the management and organised. This feature will help to send emails which would increase engage of the targeted groups.
  • Set Reminders: In case there are priority follow-up required you can set reminders on weekly, monthly or quarterly bases. 
  • Assign daily task: You would be able to assign work to your sales team based on the las work. Including calls and follow-up. The CRM hosts a unified dashboard which will help the management to track the completion of targets as well. 
  • Unified Calander: This would help you to assign the task to each team according to the upcoming events and scheduled events in the calendar.

Pricing of Nimble CRM

You can have a 14-day trial period to try out the features of Nimble CRM. The paid plan starts from $25 per month per user. Since this is one of the small CRM tool available in the market with the $25 plan you would be able to access all the CRM features of this software.

Last on our list of top CRM software list for 2020 is the Nutshell CRM. It comes with a bundle of very useful features.

Features and Pros of Nutshell CRM

  • Automate Sales Process: You can automate the sales process and define rules to take the customer to the next stage. You can also assign email campaigns that have to be, sent when a customer proceeds to the next stage and, this will optimise the performance of the sales teams and also their productivity.
  • Pipeline Management: You would able to visualise your pipeline in multiple views like lists, map, charts and also board. With this feature, you would be able to share valuable insights with your sales team and plan better strategies for your company sales.
  • Performance Reports: It is crucial to be able to access reports for sales or marketing activity for any given period. Nutshell CRM provides a robust reports option which can generate reports for any period with graphs and charts for better understanding and analysis.
  • Email Campaigns: Nutshell CRM can sync and integrate with multiple marketing platforms. You will be able to automate the process of sending a personalised email. You can also design a sequence of emails to be sent to leads across their journey through the sales funnel.

Pricing of Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM is another platform in our Top CRM software list for 2020 to offer a 14-day trial plan.

The CRM software platform offers two paid plans: The starter plan starts from $19 per month per user and also the Pro plan with additional capabilities and full access to all the features of the Nutshell CRM.


Choosing the best CRM for your website might still look a difficult task. One of the reasons for the confusion is the dilemma that you might miss out on some features offered by another CRM that you have decided. 

We have a solution to your problem. Let us know 3 CRM tools that you liked from our list of top CRM software list for 2020 in our comment section below. We will help you to decide the best CRM for your online business.

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