9 Best Website Building Platform 2021 (Compared)

best website building platform

There were times when we used to build websites using an endless HTML, CSS and javascript codes. Webapps made with multiple programming languages which would have numerous bugs. This process used to take probably days and months to build the website and get it running. Using a good website builder is also one of the fastest ways to Create A Blog very quickly.

What Are the best website building platform?

These days we have the best website building platform at our disposal which can help us build a website in a couple of days with better design and interactions. This sophistication is not possible without the website builder software, and your site might not even have a modern look.  

Today more than 95% of websites use these website builders to get their sites running in no time. With the advent of smartphones and other devices, the responsiveness of your website becomes an essential SEO factor. Just adding responsiveness to your website with coding can take you months and you might go out of business. This is one reason website builder software became more prevalent in the last few years.

So, website builders tools are online software going to help you build websites with drag and drop options and other customizations without the requirement of coding or knowledge of advanced programming languages. This avoids the hassle of debugging, and also most of the website builders tools offer site responsiveness. So, you need not worry about how your website will look on different screens like laptop, mobile or tablets.  

There are hundreds of website builders software available in the market. To help you choose the best tool, we have made a list of 9 best website building platform 2021. We have written in detail the features and pricing of these platforms.

Top Website Builder Software 2021


  • Free Plan is available for all
  • Easy to build (Just drag-and-drop website builder)
  • 499+ pre-designed templets available
  • A.I module to help you get started
  • Mobile friendly
  • Best for online Store module


  • Website template cannot be changed once you select one
  • Live chat support not available.

Wix website builder software is first on our list of best website building platform 2021. Wix is also the most popular and sophisticated tool out there. The core features of this website builders are free. Most website builders confine you to dropping and dragging in just a pre-designed grid. Wix differs. Wix’s Recruitment editor allows you to drag and drop parts anywhere you need onto a page. No constraints. What makes it unique is when you compare with other similar website builder tools, the degree of personalization, and the bundle of features Wix offers.

  • Wix Editor: There are hundreds of unique templates with personalization option available, and you will be able to build a website from scratch with drag and drop feature. SO you do not need to know coding to Make Your Website.
  • Wix ADI: Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) will automatically build a website according to your need. It will provide you with unique content which is SEO friendly for the standard pages which you can edit according to your brand needs.
  • Mobile-Friendly Pages: Wix website tools are designed to produce mobile-friendly pages, so you do not need to be worried about the responsiveness of your website.
  • Corvid by Wix: Corvid is a platform by Wix to build your personalised web apps. With Corvid, you will be able to integrate with external database, third party tools (marketing or analytical tools) without any hassle.
  • Professional Features: Wix offers several professional features like Analytics, content management, custom domain name and professional mailbox. The websites built with Wix are SSL certified, and also web hosting is free.
  • Wix Mobile App: You would be able to handle or check your online business on the go. You can manage to book for your services offered on the website right from your phone.

Pricing of Wix

Wix offered the basic and core features of this website builders for free. If you need to upgrade your plan and build a more robust website you need subscribe to paid plans. Wix offers 4 paid plans Combo plan starting at $13 per month with limited options like 2gb bandwidth and 3gb storage and the highest plan is VIP at $39 per month with unlimited bandwidth and 20gb storage


  • Free Plan is available for all
  • Easy to build (Just drag-and-drop website builder)
  • pre-designed templets available
  • Best for online Store module


  • Live chat support available but not reliable.
  • Really expensive

The most popular and widely used best website building platform and CMS around the world is WordPress. One of the reasons WordPress powers about 60% of the websites around the world is because it is an opensource platform free to use for anybody. So, WordPress is the next platform on our list of best website building platform 2020.

  • Simple user interface: One of the easiest interfaces for any beginner to learn. The WordPress editor is a simple editing tool with not much customisation option and for somebody who is planning to just start a platform, you could do that with WordPress. 
  • Flexibility: WordPress alone will not get your website up and running you can add themes of your choice which is like templates to build your website and then start the customisation from there. There are tons of addons available on the WordPress plugin store that can enhance your website capabilities. 
  • User Management: One of the crucial requirements of building a website is to collaborate with the creators. WordPress allows creating unlimited user accounts so that there can be several editors and publishers. The platform can also track the changes they have made. WordPress also allows you to add subscribers by which your user or customers can also have an account in your website. 
  • Media Management: WordPress has a special place in the interface which contains all the media that is uploaded in the website. This can help you reuse the same media file in multiple posts or pages.
WordPress Pricing

Pricing of WordPress

WordPress as a platform to build a simple website for bloggers it is completely free and you just need to purchase hosting from a hosting website. You can check our list of best-hosting providers for 2020 here To build a more robust website or web app with more function you should add more plugins from the WordPress plugin store. Some of the plugins have paid plans that you need to subscribe to use the features completely.


  • Fully hosted eCommerce solution
  • Integration with WordPress available
  • Fast and secure no matter how much traffic you get
  • In-built features to handle the conversion rate.


  • Pricing is a bit higher the other
  • The migration will be difficult in BigCommerce

Next, our list of best website building platform 2020 is a famous eCommerce store builder BigCommerce. If you’re searching to generate an internet store that climbs, then BigCommerce could be the stage for you. It comes with all of the essential features built-in, which means it’s possible to keep your overhead low and margins.

Unlike other hosted eCommerce solutions, BigCommerce has a native integration using WordPress, which allows you to manage the flexibility of WordPress while taking advantage of their eCommerce ability of BigCommerce. In simple terms, your website will be fast and secure; however, much traffic you receive.

  • Page Builder Visual Editor: Easily edit your online store with drag and drop option with no requirement for you to learn coding or programming languages.
  • Checkout Customisation: BigCommerce can integrate with almost all payment gateway with API and SDK technology.
  • Mobile Optimization: All the BigCommerce theme templates and pages are optimised for mobile devices, so you need not worry about the responsiveness of your website.  
  • WordPress integration: You can build your online web store completely using WordPress and the backed enabled by BigCommerce to get a robust eCommerce store. 
  • Sell your products through a multichannel approach: With BigCommerce, you would be able to monitor your sales right from the online store. You can also sell the products on social media or other networking sites and watch from one platform.
BigCommerce Website Builder

Pricing of BigCommerce

You can try all the features of BigCommerce for a trial period of 15 days with no payment. After the trial period, you should choose one of the paid plans for BigCommerce. This platform offers four paid plans. The first paid plan is Standard priced at $29.95 per month, the second plan is $79.95 per month, and the third is Pro plan with $299 per month. BigCommerce also provides an Enterprise plan in which you need to get a custom quote as per the need of a company.


  • Free Plan is available for all
  • Easy to build (Just drag-and-drop)
  • pre-designed templets available
  • Logo maker also included in it.
  • Website template can be changed once you select one
  • Best for online Store module
  • User-friendly Dashboard to navigate


  • Limited Plans
  • Limited features in comparing to other providers

Weebly is one of the well-known best website building platform 2020. It is famous for many reasons out of which ease of use and user interface is unmatched by its competitors. Weebly secures the fourth place in our list of best website building platform 2020.

Weebly is a fully hosted platform, so you don’t need to set up and handle any computer software. They take care of hosting your website and managing all of the software that runs in the backend

They’ve got a free program which comes with 500 MB of storage, a free SSL certificate, and a domain with Weebly branding. You can use a custom domain name with this plan but are made to get Weebly branding through your website.

  • Builder: Drag and drop editor to build your website from scratch effortlessly. As we mentioned earlier, the user interface is the best among the competitors and seamless editing tools.
  • Free Webhosting: Weebly comes with free web hosting for your website, so you need not worry about spending separately on other hosting services. 
  • Complete eCommerce website builder: Weebly hosts several features by which you would be able to build a very reliable eCommerce store. The tools include a complete shopping cart and payment checkout integration, track inventory, ability to add a search feature to get the right products for your customers.
  • Design tools: Weebly has a set of design tools that will help you craft a professionally looking website. Weebly will enable you to build galleries and also hosts a library from which you would be able to use photos for free. Weebly also has hundreds of best templates that will help you start building your website.
  • SEO tools: SEO is one of the most sought after the element that helps you bring the website in front of your target audience while searching. Weebly has inhouse SEO tools that can help you optimise your webpages that would be best for your users also for search engines. You can check out our list of best SEO tools updated for 2020. 
Weebly Website Builder

Pricing of Weebly

The primary and core features of Weebly is free to use. It comes with 500gb storage and a domain name with Weebly branding. To add more features and build a robust website, you can upgrade to paid plans. Weebly offers three paid plans starting with Connect, which priced at $5 per month, and the highest plan priced at $25 per month.


  • Integrated payment solution called Shopify Payment
  • Best for eCommerce website
  • Cab be easily integrated with WordPress
  • 70+ professional themes
  • offer a 14-day free trial24/7 support


  • Shopify’s pricing a bit higher than some other website builders
  • Quite Difficult

Shopify is a trendy, eCommerce website builder. Using Shopify is very simple and has a ton of features which makes it fifth on our list of best website building platform 2020. This website builder software can help you build an eCommerce store in less than a week and also integrate with the payment gateways.  

Using Shopify, not only can you establish a quick web site including a site, but also a map of your local area, contact info, and appointment scheduling (using an app), however, you might even sell hair care products online.

  • Unlimited Products: Once you subscribe to Shopify, you can use this website builders platform to add unlimited products to your catalogue and start selling immediately.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage: The most crucial feature required for any eCommerce store is unlimited bandwidth since the speed of your website can affect your online sales directly. Unlimited storage can help you build a website without the worry of adding more media and content.  
  • Shopify point of sale: Shopify can integrate with leading payment gateways and set up multiple ways for accepting payments. You will also be able to take payment in person and process orders manually. Shopify has a mobile app which can help you control the store on the go. 
  • Online sales channel: You can sell your products via various online channels like social media, or on other platforms which can be connected to your Shopify website and track your sales right from your eCommerce store.
  • Fraud Analysis: Shopify helps you to filter fraud transactions by flagging them as issues. You can act swiftly and resolve these, so you do not undergo any loss or penalty by payment gateways or banks.
shopify Website builder

Pricing of Shopify

Shopify lets you try out the features of the platform for 14 days without any charges. This time you can use to check the features and also start building your eCommerce store. There are three paid plans by Shopify. Basic Shopify that starts at $29 per month with limited features and the next plan is called Shopify priced at $79 per month and the Advanced Shopify at $299 per month.


  • Live chat support
  • Impressive download speed
  • Super 2048-bit Encryption
  • 6 device can be connected at a time
  • User-friendly interface


  • No service guarantees
  • No customer support via phone

Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders software for bloggers. It is one of the best website builders to post content quickly and also not worry about SEO. Since the tool has tons of features, we have ranked Squarespace on the sixth position in our list of best website building platform 2020.

Squarespace includes enterprise-grade infrastructure for hosting on your website. This secure and robust platform enables you to concentrate on growing your business without worrying about hosting company.

  • Integration with extensions: The integration feature helps your website to work with 3rd party apps that are used for payments and accounting, supply chain management, marketing, Etc. It is essential to be able to integrate with Customer Relationship Management software since it helps you build a dedicated user base. You can check our list of the best CRM software here.  
  • Connected services: There are other services and platforms you would like to communicate with your website, like social media, storage services like dropbox, editing tools for images, Etc. You have found your solution Squarespace extends all these features as part of their website development software.  
  • Layout Engine: One of the advantages of website builders tools is the level of sophistication it adds to designing your website as blocks. Squarespace provides you with a ton of website building blocks that are tailor-made to handle those elements like video blocks, image block, audio blocks Etc.  
  • Blogging: This website builder can go far and beyond to make your blogs better. Since it can sync with social media platforms, has podcast support, RSS syndication, Etc, you can build more robust blog posts to reach your intended readers and subscribers.
squarescape Website Builder

Pricing of Squarespace

Squarespace has four paid plans which you can subscribe and build your website. The paid plan starts with Personal plan at $16 per month, which comes with limited features but provides you with unlimited bandwidth and storage, which stands out from other competitors. Squarespace has other paid plans like Business which is priced at $26 per month, Basic commerce at $30 per month and Advanced commerce at $46 per month.


  • Free Plan is available for all
  • Paid plans are very affordable
  • Easy to build (Just drag-and-drop)
  • pre-designed templets available
  • Logo maker also included in it.
  • A.I built to made personalised content copy for your website
  • Best for online Store module
  • A.I Heatmap


  • Website template cannot be changed once you select one
  • Live chat support available but not reliable.
  • No blogging module.

Next on list of best website building platform 2020 is Zyro. Compared to other competitors of Zyro, this website builder is new in the industry, but from the reviews we have collected, it is a one-stop solution for people who are planning to start building a website.  

Together with Zyro, you can make a company website quickly and easily without the programming required. Your site also loads fast because of its light frame and looks great on all apparatus.

With a rich set of tools, Zyro may help build your online business with pre-made design templates, AI-driven text, an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, mobile-readiness, and also over one thousand stock graphics to choose from.

  • Tons of Templates: The fastest way to start out building a website is to choose a unique template that is already built and help you with the foundation for the website. 
  • Level of customisation: The extent of customisation allowed on this website builders are far superior to its competitors. You can customise any part of the website or template that you have chosen, change layouts and pretty much anything.
  • Pixel Perfection: One of the difficulties in building a website, especially with drag and drop option is the inability to position the elements of the website at the right place, and the design loses the professional touch. In Zyro, the features snap to position and also gives you more control to create perfectly designed websites.
  • AI produced content: Zyro has an AI built to made personalised content copy for your website. You need to seed some sentences, and you will get some more content that can be used in your webpages.
  • Free Images: To make your visitor experience better and also to achieve better user engagements images play a vital role. Zyro has a collection of over a million free images which you would be able to use with any attribution.
zyro website Builder

Pricing of Zyro

Zyro offers a free plan in which you would get bandwidth up to 500mb and storage space up to 500mb. If you need more control and features, you need to upgrade to paid plans. Zyro offers four paid plans starting with basic priced at $1.99 per month in which you will get 3gb bandwidth and 1gb storage. You can go up to Ecommerce+, which is the highest plan to build a robust eCommerce platform at $21 per month.


  • Free plans available
  • Best for beginner
  • Mobile-Friendly features
  • The unlimited site can be managed in one account


  • No themes
  • Limited features

Site123 is next on our list of best website building platform 2020. SITE123 is just a straightforward site builder that provides users with a free want to try a new site. When you join, you get a free subdomain, 500 GB of storage, and 1 GB of bandwidth. You may even enter your domain (or purchase you within their dashboard) with superior plans as low as $12.80/month.

They feature a reliable up-time of 99.97%, over 200 design templates to pick from, and eCommerce plans starting approximately $22/month. Once you sign up, you’re able to quickly pay via pay pal or bank card and get installed in minutes. Let us see the features of this website builders platform.

  • SEO Tools: One of the coveted secrets of website builders which is a real challenge for most websites is Search engine optimisation. Site123 hosts an inbuilt SEO tool which can help you to optimise the website from the beginning itself. 
  • Free Hosting: Once you start building your website with Site123, you need not worry about hosting solutions. One of the hardest parts and also an expense that you incur while building the website is choosing a hosting plan for your site.
  • Sell Online: You will be able to build a medium-sized eCommerce store with Site123 at a more reasonable price compared to its competitors.
  • Multi-Language websites: Site123 supports online translation of the content on your website. You can get the content translated to multiple languages with just a few clicks and will help you get more traction from a language target audience.
  • Email Marketing: Site123 offers inbuilt email marketing tools for you to engage with your users. Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing which is still very prevalent.
site123 1

Pricing of Site123

Site123 offers a free forever plan with 500mb storage and 1gb bandwidth. You will be given a subdomain with the branding of Site123. The paid plan is called the Premium plan in which you will get a free custom domain for a year, 10gb storage and 5gb bandwidth. You will be able to remove the Site123 branding from your site.


  • 15-days free trial
  • Best for photographers and artists.
  • Multi-blog features
  • Fully-featured e-commerce integration.

Next on our list of best website building platform 2020 is Pixpa. In our list, Pixpa stands out from other website builders, mainly because it especially designed for creatives professionals and is one of the best choices of photographers and artists.

  • One platform to manage: You can manage your store, online blogs and also customer galleries from one platform build with Pixpa.
  • Separate Design Layer: In this platform, you will be able to separate the design layer and the content of your webpage. This will help you to edit the design of your website quickly, and the content will adapt itself accordingly.
  • Third-party integration: You can enhance your website application and also create robust web apps by integrating with other website tools and platforms for customer relations, marketing or payment gateways.
  • Multimedia galleries: One of the main advantages of using pixpa is the ability to build a portfolio website quickly, which can showcase your work. With Pixpa, you will be able to upload any multimedia file and also manage multimedia files uploaded across different platforms.
pixpa Website Builder

Pricing of Pixpa

Pixpa offers a 15-day trial period free of cost. There are three paid plans Personal at $10 per month with 1gb storage, Expert at $15 per month with 10gb storage and Business at $24 per month with 50gb storage.


We have compared and studies most of the website builder available in the market. We had taken feedback and reviews of many users before we came up with our list of best website building platform 2020.

Let us know which website building software you liked the most in our comment section below. We want to take this forward and help you choose the best website builder for you; you can comment on your requirement, and we will suggest the best tool that can be most suitable for you.

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