Top 5 Best Reseller Hosting Providers To Be Consider In 2020


5 Best Reseller Hosting For 2020

We all know Website Hosting has a different shape and size. All websites needed their space on a server that is the reason we need Hosting.

If you have one or two websites for hosting then the Reseller Hosting is not for you but if you are a Developer or you have a web development agency, all of your clients need to have a suitable web hosting services.

You can make money by charging them by Reselling your hosting Plans to them.
Reseller hosting is very significant since the barrier to entry is less complicated than opening your web hosting company.

You will not need to fret about resources the hardware, or other expensive fees and hosting centers. It’s really a way for services and developers to earn a little extra cash from their customers.

Top 5 Best Reseller Hosting Providers and Plans for 2020

  • HostGator — best reseller hosting provider at cost-effective price.
  • SiteGround — Best reseller hosting provider for managing small sites.
  • GreenGeeks — Best reseller hosting provider for developers who prioritize eco-friendly hosting.
  • A2 Hosting — Best reseller hosting provider for scaling small-to-medium-sized client lists.
  • InMotion Hosting — Best reseller hosting plans for managing eCommerce sites.
  • Starting at $19.95/month
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Get a 33% discount

We all know the HostGator Well Know web Hosting Provider in this Hosting Industry. Like the rest of their web hosting services, HostGator’s reseller is the best and cheap reseller hosting provider for all. They offer three best reseller hosting plans for you.

The difference in Plans is bandwidth and your disk space. Hence will be dependent on the number of sites you intend to Host and how much traffic and storage people websites desire.

Luckily, HostGator makes it simple to scale. If you begin using the Copper or Aluminum package, then you’re able to upgrade at any moment free of charge.

Best Reseller hosting plans come with free WHMCS billing software, helping to make it effortless for you to handle your clients.

All best reseller hosting plans come with some more benefits like:

  • Unlimited domains
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Private name servers
  • Email accounts
  • FTP accounts
  • MySQL accounts

Additionally, you will have a WHM control panel for setting constraints to things such as bandwidth and space to get the customers and monitoring your server status.

If you’re a Reseller and want to switch providers, HostGator offers very cheap reseller hosting up to 80% off transports and registrations.

HostGator promises a 99.9% uptime speed. So you will not need to worry about your customers being angry with the operation of your own site.

Still, another reason why HostGator reseller is best reseller hosting plans could be really basically because of their support.

They offer 24/7 customer service via live and phone chat. 24/7 server monitoring and automatic weekly copies are standard. Plus, you will get yourself a 45-day money-back guarantee, and it is significantly more than enough time whether you are satisfied with your own plan to see.

  • Normally $34.95/month
  • 30 GB web space
  • Unlimited sites & emails
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Get a 66% discount

SiteGround is an allrounder player in this hosting Industry. So do’s get surprised that they offer you a best Reseller Hosting Plans.

Pricing for the SiteGround reseller hosting plan is somewhat unique from HostGator reseller hosting plans. That is your bill based on the number of accounts you’re managing.

You’ll get volume discounts for buying in volume. So the longer account you manage, the cheaper it is an account. Here’s how it works.

SiteGround sells”re-seller credits.” Each credit is worth one year of hosting for a website.

$49 per credit if you buy 1-4 credits
$45 per credit if you buy 5-10 credits
$42 per credit if you buy 11+ credits

You need to purchase at least 5 credits to get started initially. Credits never expire, so you can utilize them renew or to add accounts at any time.

Let us break those costs down farther to give you a better comprehension of what you are paying compared to different plans. If you get 5 credits at $45 per year and start with the minimum, it is going to cost you $225 each year.

This ends up being $18.75 a month. That is just $3.75 each client, per month, assuming you have at leave five clients.

Each website hosted in your reseller hosting plan will get 10 GB of disk space and will handle nearly 10,000 monthly traffic.

These specifications makes SiteGround a top selection for resellers hosting with clients who do not have a whole lot of traffic. If you just have a handful of sites to successfully manage and a small service, the credit pricing system of SiteGround which makes it possible that you become a web hosting reseller.

  •  Normally $34.95/month
  • Unlimited SSD webspace
  • 10 cPanel accounts
  • Eco-friendly hosting
  • Get a 43% discount

GreenGeeks isn’t as well-known as some of the additional hosting providers on our checklist. Offers eco-friendly web hosting solutions and they have been doing this business for 11 years.

Reseller hosting is something that they focus in. GreekGeeks includes five best Reseller hosting plans that can be very straightforward.

Their packages can be bought in amounts of 10 clients. The more clients you have, the further cost-effective it’s per account.

In the event that you possess over 50 clients or fall somewhere in the center of these tiers, you can buy additional accounts in bundles of 5.

The discounted pricing for additional accounts is:

Reseller 10 — $3.00 per account
Reseller 20 — $2.75 per account
Reseller 30 — $2.50 per account
Reseller 40 — $2.25 per account
Reseller 50 — $2.00 per account

Let us take an example, if you have the Reseller 50 plan and need to add 13 new accounts, it would cost you an additional $30 per month (you would have to buy 15 more accounts).

All GreenGeeks best reseller hosting plans come with great benefits like:

  • Unlimited web space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • WHMCS licenses
  • White label services
  • Ecommerce capabilities
  • Free CDN integration
  • Nightly backups
  • 24/7 support

In additionally, the GreenGeeks uses renewable energy to power their hosting services that means you are not going to harm the environment.

This Reseller service is created with developers in mind. You will receive multiple PHP variants, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and support for Perl and Python, and also access to the newest programmer tools such as WP CLI Drush, and also lots more.

Each of the GreekGeeks best Reseller hosting plans includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s wonderful to get that assurance.

#4 A2 Hosting — Best reseller hosting provider for scaling small-to-medium-sized client lists.

  • Normally $19.99/month
  • WHM Control Panel
  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Get a 51% discount

A2 Hosting has made a good reputation in reliability and fast speed. Both things are very important for Web Hosting Providers.

A2 Hosting is the best pick for those of you who want good quality at low to mid-price range.

Here’s an overview of A2’s best reseller hosting plans.

A2 reseller plans

The starting price is as low as $9.80 per month, that’s why it is very cost-effective.

But, I wouldn’t suggest the Bronze package. It contains 30 GB of storage, that is enough in case you’re going to own more than a few clients. Plus, it’s their plan it doesn’t come with Free WHMCS, which is essential for client administration.

If you buy the WHMCS add-on for $ 10 Per month but at that point, you might as well upgrade to a package that includes it for free.

While we’re on the topic, the free WHMCS package for the silver, Gold, and Platinum plans is acceptable for up to 250 clients. So you have the chance to scale.

You get double the disc space (compared to Silver) for less than $10 more a month of the renewal speed.

In my A2 hosting inspection research, I found that a 2 Hosting is focused on a 99.9% uptime rate. Their servers are around 20 times faster compared to their competitors, and they have a customer care system that is fantastic.

#5 InMotion Hosting — Best reseller hosting provider for managing eCommerce sites.

  • Normally $29.99/month
  • 25 cPanel accounts
  • Free dedicated IP
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Get a 48% discount

InMotion Hosting has a wide range of resellers Plans. They offer you six types of best Reselling Hosting Plans unlike the other Reseller web Hosting Providers that offer you max three or four plans.

If you like options then definitely you are going to like Inmotion Hosting.

Here’s a breakdown of what each best reseller hosting plan offers.

Inmotion reseller plans

Here “R” represents Shared Hosting Plans and “VPS” represents Virtual Private Servers.

Inmotion offers you disk space, monthly bandwidth, and dedicated IPs increase with each plan.

Pricing for the InMotion best reseller hosting plans are as follows:

R-1000S — $15.39 per month (renews at $29.99)
R-2000S — $21.99 per month (renews at $39.99)
R-3000S — $30.24 per month (renews at $57.99)
VPS 1000 — $41.64 per month (renews at $54.99)
VPS 2000 — $62.84 per month (renews at $94.99)
VPS 3000 — $89.94 per month (renews at $164.99)

Exactly how does this compare to other providers we’ve reviewed so far? Let us have a look at.

The top package of HostGator reseller offers 140 GB of disc space and 1400 GB of bandwidth. The R-2000S and R-3000S from Inmotion would be the plans for this. Both of these are at similar price points too.

The most significant distinction is that InMotion does not end there. Their VPS plan has 260 GB of disk space and 6 TB of bandwidth per month.

Essentially, this means that the reseller web hosting plans of InMotion may handle monthly traffic and more clients compared to the alternatives reseller web hosting Providers. They provide beginner reseller plans like the R-1000S, high-level plans like VPS 3000, and still have four more plans.

With a VPS reseller program, you may even manage an e-commerce site. You should have root access as well to create custom modifications to your hostings.

InMotion provides free billing software, free WHM, and cPanel with free DDoS and malware security, white label services, SSD drives, and server management features for select packages.

And also they offer a 90-days money-back guarantee which is almost unheard of in the web hosting providers.

Inmotion hosting has best reseller web hosting plan for everybody else. But it’s really a premier choice for resellers that are plenty of clients.

Let's talk about What is reseller hosting?

A number of you might not have any experience with reseller hosting. Before we proceed any further, I want to be certain that we’re on exactly the same page.

Reseller web hosting makes it possible for you to sell hosting to people.

It’s mostly white label website hosting. You buy the service from a larger hosting company and resell that service to your client.

The Resellers web hosting concentrate only on the marketing and sales of there hosting and leaving all of the heavy-lifting to the larger hosting service.

In Reseller Hosting you are the person who sets the price of hosting for your client. The Hosting provider gets its monthly rate and you can charge what you want to your clients. Since you will pay at wholesale rate to the hosting company, here is the opportunity to make substantial profit margins.

If your pitching ability is good then you definitely going make some money from your client. You eventually become a one-stop-shop for their site. You’re already handling things such as creation and design, therefore why not the hosting at the same time?

The Top 5 Best Reseller Hosting Plans for 2020

HostGator — Best reseller hosting provider at very low price.
SiteGround — Best for managing small sites.
GreenGeeks — Best for developers who prioritize eco-friendly hosting.
A2 Hosting — Best for scaling small-to-medium-sized client lists.
InMotion Hosting — Best VPS plans for managing eCommerce sites.

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