5 best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2020

We all know there are mainly three types of Hosting that is

1. Shared Hosting
2. VPS(virtual private server) Hosting
3. Dedicated Server Hosting

You can get the brief details on the page Hosting.

But Cloud Server Hosting is the one type of hosting that is growing in popularity. And I think it can be the best hosting solution for your business.

Because it is new, some don’t know about Cloud servers Hosting so. That is the right place to know or learn more about Cloud servers Hosting. I will explain in depth what Cloud Hosting is, how it works, and show you some of the best cloud hosting provider in the market today.

Without wasting your time first, let me tell you the top cloud servers hosting services to consider.

best cloud hosting provider

Top 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers In 2020

  • SiteGround– Best cloud hosting provider for scaling resources
  • HostGator– Best cloud hosting provider At low cost
  • DreamHost– Best cloud hosting provider for developer projects
  • A2 Hosting – Fastest cloud server hosting
  • InMotion – Best cloud hosting provider for small businesses

#1 SiteGround– Best cloud hosting provider for scaling resources

  • Starts at $80.00/month
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Fully Managed Service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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You are able to add resources such as RAM and CPU at any time together using one click in your admin settings. One of my personal favorite features is the capability to show on auto-scaling, which will automatically render proper resources during times of unexpected traffic spikes.

With SiteGround, you can completely configure your cloud and also plan centered on the resources you need. However, here’s a glance at their basic plans:

SiteGround Best Cloud server Hosting Plans


1. It Starts With $80.00 Per Months
2. Get 2-Core CPU
3. 4 GB RAM
4. 40 GB SSD Space
5. 5 TB Data Transfer


1. It Starts With $120.00 Per Months
2. Get 3-Core CPU
3. 6 GB RAM
4. 60 GB SSD Space
5. 5 TB Data Transfer

Business Plus

1. It Starts With $240.00 Per Months
2. Get 8-Core CPU
3. 10 GB RAM
4. 120 GB SSD Space
5. 5 TB Data Transfer

Super Power

1. It Starts With $240.00 Per Months
2. Get 8-Core CPU
3. 10 GB RAM
4. 120 GB SSD Space
5. 5 TB Data Transfer

Additionally, you will profit like free SSL CDN, a separate IP, daily backups, and also a DNS that are private. Have a look at my in-depth SiteGround website hosting review to find out more about their services.

#2 DreamHost – Best cloud server hosting provider for developer projects

  • Starts at max $4.50/month
  • 100 GB of block storage\
  • Free SSD & bandwidth
  • Full root access & control
  • Get up to 47% off

DreamHost has the most comfortable cloud installment in the Hosting Industry. You’re able to get your cloud servers live in less than 30 Secs. DreamHost cloud is ideal for programmers, with that said.

They have the best database management for web apps and running tests in addition to websites.

It’s possible to go on working with the Developers tools that you’re already using. DreamHost additionally provides you full root access for complete control over your cloud servers.

The best part about DreamHost is that you only pay for what you’re using. You will become charged for resources on an hourly basis on the basis of how big your server.

  • 512 MB of RAM Server — $0.0075 per hour (maximum $4.50 per month)
  • 2 GB of RAM Server — $0.02 per hour (maximum $12 per month)
  • 8 GB of RAM Server — $0.08 per hour (max $48 per month)

Once you subscribe you will not be billed any such thing. Alternatively, you’re charged depends on your monthly usage.

The only area where DreamHost falls short that I found hosting services is its own customer care. You can contact customer service via email or live chat, that is available for 16 hrs daily. Therefore, in the event you want phone support or want help at the exact center of the nighttime, you would be trouble.

#3 HostGator – Best cheap cloud server hosting

  • Starts at $12.95/month
  • $4.95/month if you pay annually
  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Get up to 45% off

We all know the HostGator is one of the most recommended cloud servers hosting providers in this hosting Industry. Their best Cloud Hosting Plans are some of the most cost-effective options on the market today.

The Hostgator offers you three best Cloud server Hosting Plans:

HostGator Best Cloud server Hosting Plans

Hatchling Plan

1. It’s Starting at $4.95
2. 2 CPUs
3. 2 GB of memory
4. Single domain

Baby Plan

1. It’s Starting at $6.57
2. 4 CPUs
3. 4 GB of memory
4. Unlimited domains

Business Plan

1. It’s Starting at $9.95
2. 6 CPUs
3. 6 GB of memory
4. Unlimited domains

These rates are for 3 Years’ contracts. They’re 45% less costly than the price, that you will wind up for those who renew the contract paying.

All cloud server hosting plans include an SSL certification. The Business plan comes with free SEO tools, a dedicated IP, and a free domain also.

HostGator’s dashboard makes it easy for us to track your website’s performance. You can view data related to page speed, uptime, hit, plus more.

Scaling your host resources is simple also. This can be done with just one click, without any downtime, reboots, or data migrations.

#4 InMotion – Best cloud server hosting provider for small businesses

  • Normally $64.99/month
  • Free domain and SSL certificate
  • Free launch assist service
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Get up to 64% off

Inmotion may not be the first choice for you while looking for shared hosting or other hosting, but when you are looking for cloud web hosting the Inmotion hosting plans are certainly some of the best.

They have cloud servers hosting solutions for everyone.

  • Small business cloud hosting
  • Agency cloud hosting
  • Application cloud hosting
  • Enterprise cloud hosting plans

Overall Inmotion has 10 different plans and pricing tiers for Cloud server Hosting plans, which is the most I’ve seen offered by any provider.

For web site owners, you will want to focus on the business plans. In-motion makes it effortless for you to scale your tools as your site grows I found hosting services.

Additionally, you will get a resource tracking dashboard, totally free auto backups, rapid provisioning, and snapshots of your servers. In motion provides you free SSL and cPanel permit together with most of its own cloud business plans.

What Is Cloud server Hosting?

Generally speaking, “the cloud” refers to distant storage options. For example, you are able to save pictures from the smartphone or documents from your desktop to a cloud storage space like Google Drive.

That’s different than keeping files everywhere on something like an external drive. I think you know about both of these scenarios, and also you even use cloud storage to get something on your digital life.

In case of web hosting, the cloud server hosting can be slightly more comprehensive, however, the very same principles still apply.

With Cloud server hosting, your own web host isn’t connected to one physical location. Your web site resources are preserved over multiple virtual servers from the cloud.

Each cloud host is accountable for specific tasks. If one of those servers in the cloud fails or goes down, then the others will automatically grab the slack to leave those resources.

Your own website will continue to run smoothly with hosting, even if there’s an issue with a few Because you can observe out of that representation.

Your website will benefit from increased uptime and will not be as susceptible to downtime.

With a single server, you putting all of your eggs in one basket. This is really a risk when you’re handling something as critical as your website.

Cloud server hosting will keep your site protected as your traffic grows, Along with fixing issues with one server.

Cloud servers hosting is effortless to prepare. For those who would like to get started hosting on the cloud away, it can be a faster deployment option than something such as a host or a host.

Who needs Cloud Hosting? And Why?

Cloud hosting is excellent for moderate to larger-sized businesses and websites that are currently overgrowing. Cloud web website hosting allows businesses to climb. That is great for growing businesses.

Cloud web hosting plans have pricing alternatives that are flexible, which means that you pay that you’re using.

Then cloud web hosting is the perfect option for you personally if you are anticipating a steady increase or traffic spikes in website traffic from the next few years.

Cloud web hosting isn’t right for every business.

For all those who own a little personal site, little blog, or even perhaps even a micro-business, you probably do not need to use the cloud in case there’s not any growth coming in the 36, hosting. A shared hosting plan is exceptional for all those types of web sites.

Once you are ready to grow your website, you should think about upgrading to some cloud hosting plan as opposed to your VPS. A cloud hosting plan is more cost-effective while a virtual host will have the ability to deliver enough server tools.

Enterprise-level sites with the requirement would gain from a separate.

Any web site with more than 50,000 monthly traffic is a possible candidate for cloud hosting. It’s the right alternative for significant websites that can’t afford to have any downtime.

Summary: Best Cloud  Hosting Providers for 2020

Here’s a recap of the best cloud hosting providers reviews above:

SiteGround — Best cloud hosting provider for scaling resources.
DreamHost — Best cloud hosting provider for developer projects.
HostGator — Best cheap cloud web hosting.
InMotion — Best cloud hosting providers for small businesses.
A2 Hosting — Fastest cloud hosting provider.

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